26-28 November 2024
MAPIC - Palais des Festivals, Cannes, France

What is LeisurUp by MAPIC

Join the new BtoB leisure event dedicated to accelerating location-based attractions into lifestyle destinations including retail sites, urban areas, transport hubs, and travel destinations from 26 November to 28 November in Cannes, France. 

In 2024, LeisurUp is hosted by MAPIC, the leading retail property event to build vibrant urban & retail destinations!

Discover LeisurUp by MAPIC

Launched in 2020, LeisurUp has been created by MAPIC organisers in order to provide retail, property and urban players with the right platform to turn traditional sites in modern lifestyle.

Together with MAPIC, the leading global retail property market, the on-site event will welcome 5,000 professionals including 1,600 leisure, retail and food concepts from over 75 countries looking for partners to build vibrant location-based experiences and discuss new business models.

What LeisurUp is all about

Network with leaders from the leisure, retail and food industries

Join 5,000 key players including c-level leisure professionals (leisure operators, equipment manufacturers, service providers, IP owners and media, etc.) looking to meet with property players and other leisure peers in order to build vibrant and unique experiences for places and spaces.

Stay connected to the industry & gain insights all year long

Attend a series of digital events all year long in addition to the on-site flagship conference programme: 10+ sessions including a half-day workshop  hosted by 50+ leisure experts to get the keys to make leisure thrive in lifestyle destinations.

Leisure concepts & solutions for vibrant destinations

LeisurUp exhibition area will highlight 30+ leisure exhibitors (leisure equipment manufacturers, service providers, leisure operators, etc.) showcasing the latest leisure concepts and solutions. Boost your business showcasing your products & solutions to leisure, retail and property industry key players! 

Why come to LeisurUp by MAPIC

Leisure Operators                                                                     

  • Expand in new retail, urban and leisure destinations
  • Find investors and franchise partners to expand your concept internationally
  • Identify and set up new business models with new partners 

Retail, urban and leisure destinations                                        

  • Scout out the most dynamic leisure concepts and solutions worldwide
  • Create unique experiences with leisure operators, IP Owners and service providers
  • Find innovative leisure equipment to set up in your spaces

Leisure equipment manufacturers & service providers

  • Showcase your products towards key international leisure operators
  • Connect, collaborate and sign deals with leading retail, property, urban and F&B decision-makers

IP Owners & Media                                                                                  

  • Create new partnerships with leisure operators, leisure service providers, leisure destinations, retail property players, etc.
  • Activate your brand through a new kind of experience

In their words

" The number of connections we’re making here is trully phenomenal. Everyone seem to understand the underlying principles that are relevant to help transform the industry. "

Dan Pelson
Chief Operating Officer, AREA15

" I’m really excited to see such an unparallelled collection of leisure concepts in one place, rubbing shoulders with some of our peers and competitors (…) and getting an understanding of what are the movements out there in the industry "

TJ Hart
Site Search Manager, Merlin Entertainments

‘’It’s a really great opportunity to meet new people we’ve never had the opportunity to meet in London (…) we’ve got a lot of new networking opportunities.’’

Felicity Sylvester
Exhibitions Partnerships Manager, National History Museum, London

‘’Our goal is to meet shopping centres owners but also creative companies. It’s very important to meet people in person, to feel the experience.’’

Fabienne Gilles
Business Affairs Manager, IMPF The Smurfs


On-site participants


Leisure players


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